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Students serve with a garden project

Students serve with a garden project

We believe service plays a key role in student development. A critical aspect of this development is direct student interaction with the community to affect positive change and understand the impact their service has on others. We strive to provide our students with opportunities to participate in mutually-beneficial partnerships between the campus and the local community. As a result, these relationships contribute to student learning, as well as meet community identified needs.

Active Citizenship, at its core, is about working collaboratively with others to cultivate positive change. Our focus is to prepare students to lead with integrity and value others by exposing them to a variety of experiences that promote personal growth and enhance awareness of social issues. Service provides students with the opportunity for personal development and for becoming catalyst for the change they want to see in their community. Through service, students gain valuable knowledge and skills and can realize the impact they can have during their time at Mizzou and beyond.